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For Goodness Grapes


Presented by the Aging and Disability Resource Center This off-the-vine fruit, the grape, is found on almost every continent and is so popular that most people don't hesitate to eat them (or drink them.)  With over 60 different varieties, this popular snack is jam-packed with flavor and nutritional benefits. Grapes fall into the "berry" category and can easily fit into your daily meal plan during a meal or as a snack.  A fair serving size would be about 1 cup which would equal about 15-20 graphics and 104 calories! The dark red and purple color of the grape screams [...]

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Beneficial Bites – All Ears About Sweet Corn


Presented by the Aging and Disability Resource Center Have you had your corn on the cob eating contest yet this summer?  Even though corn is considered both a vegetable (fresh) and a grain (dried), in August we will be focusing on the edible vegetable: Sweet Corn. There are a lot of facts and nutritional information about sweet corn that many don't realize or even think about.  Even though this is a starchy vegetable, you can fit this food into a healthy meal plan.  Now, load it with butter & salt -- that's a whole other story! History shows that Native [...]

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