Presented by the Aging and Disability Resource Center

Usually people either really like Brussel Sprouts or despise even the thought of them.  Maybe it’s due to the smell when they are cooking or their leafy texture? Those who love them are in luck because they provide so much benefit to the human body when consumed.

Brussel Sprouts are related to other cruciferous vegetables including broccoli and cabbage and is recommended that you include all of these family members in your weekly nutrition pan regularly in order to acquire their fantastic health benefits.

Some of the health benefit highlights include high in fiber which in turn benefits the heart, brain, and digestive system.  They also help ward off cancer and inflammation with their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

A delicious way to cook Brussel sprouts is to quarter them and roast them with chopped onions, walnuts, and your favorite crumbled cheese like goat cheese or feta.  Toss with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for an exceptionally healthy side dish or salad. Just don’t overcook them, as that’s when the unpleasant sulfur smell will fill your home!

Join us in October for our monthly Beneficial Bites educational sessions and try some healthy recipes that include Brussel Sprouts. We promise there will be no smell attached!

These presentations are open to all ages and are free to attend.  Times, locations and dates can be found in the Barron County Review Newspaper, by calling the ADRC at 715-537-6225, or by visiting their website at

Beneficial Bites

Joe will once again entertain with his knowledge of Brussel Sprouts – Wednesday, October 23rd 1pm

Rice Lake Senior Center: Beneficial Bites - Brussel Sprouts

Plan to attend for samples, recipes and a few laughs.