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The kitchen staple, apple cider vinegar, has become somewhat popular in Google searches when seeking nutrition advice.  Some claim it to be a miracle liquid that can remedy many health ailments. Because there is little human research out there on apple cider vinegar, it’s good to be cautious, but doesn’t mean it can’t offer some benefits and flavor.

Vinegar comes from the French phrase vin aigre, meaning sour wine.  The acetic acid is what makes it sour.  Adding yeast to apples turns the sugars into alcohol, when a bacteria turns the alcohol into acetic acid.  Aka: fermentation.  History shows that ancient Greeks treated wounds with it.  Lately, people have explored apple cider vinegar as a way to lose weight, improve diabetes, and even treat dandruff.

Apple cider vinegar is considered safe when consumed in moderation. It can’t replace a healthy lifestyle, but can supplement it.  Usually people consume 1-2 tablespoons per day if they want to benefit their health. Vinegar also contains polyphenols, which can help stop cells from turning into cancer cells.

Because of the high acidity of apple cider vinegar, drinking a lot of it can potentially damage your teeth, hurt your throat, or upset your stomach. However, don’t let that stop you from using it in cooking, baking, or salad dressings, as this vinegar can add a lot of flavor when used sparingly!

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Apple Cider Vinegar: Not the Miracle Cure

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