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Mangoes, a member of the stone-fruit family, are one of the world’s most prized tropical fruits.  Growing throughout Asia, India, and Central America, the mango offers a sweet, tangy, and creamy taste along with over twenty beneficial vitamins & minerals.

Available year round, and almost always in-season, mangoes are a great snack either fresh or dried.  They are a great addition to salads, salsas, and baked goods.

One serving of mango, or half of a whole fruit, offers 100% of your daily vitamin C.  It also contains 35% of your daily vitamin A, improving eye health and eyesight. Mangoes are also cholesterol, sodium, and fat-free; while containing only 100 calories per serving.  Don’t let the sweetness fool you, mangoes are very nutritious making them a great dessert alternative or snack to help satisfy that sweet tooth!

Finding a great tasting, ripe mango in the store can be difficult as they are picked and shipped unripe to increase durability and prolong shelf life.  Choose mangoes based on aroma and touch rather than appearance.  A ripe mango will smell sweet and be slightly soft to the touch.  Don’t pay as much attention to the color or appearance of the fruit as it has little to do with ripeness and taste, and varies depending on the type of mango.

Mangoes are a versatile, delicious fruit and pair well with fish, chicken, and pork.  Their sweetness also pairs well with spice.  Try adding them to salsas, chutneys, and hot sauces to increase vitamin C content and add a tropical flavor!

Join us in March for our monthly Beneficial Bites educational sessions to try some healthy recipes and learn about this tropical stone-fruit.  These presentations are open to all ages and are free to attend.

These presentations are open to all ages and are free to attend.  Times, locations and dates can be found in the Barron County Review Newspaper, by calling the ADRC at 715-537-6225, or by visiting their website at

Beneficial Bites

Joe will once again entertain with his knowledge of Mangos – Wednesday, March 25th 1pm

Rice Lake Senior Center - Mango - Beneficial Bites

Plan to attend for samples, recipes and a few laughs.