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This off-the-vine fruit, the grape, is found on almost every continent and is so popular that most people don’t hesitate to eat them (or drink them.)  With over 60 different varieties, this popular snack is jam-packed with flavor and nutritional benefits.

Grapes fall into the “berry” category and can easily fit into your daily meal plan during a meal or as a snack.  A fair serving size would be about 1 cup which would equal about 15-20 graphics and 104 calories!

The dark red and purple color of the grape screams antioxidants which we know helps to ward off cancers and other diseases.  Grapes also include nutrients that fight inflammation and can greatly benefit heart health!

Grapes have a long and abundant history and are estimated to have been cultivated as early as 5,000 B.C.  They have played a role in numerous biblical stories and pictured in hieroglyphics in ancient Egyptian burial tombs.  Of course grapes have a long history for their use in making wine!

Join us in September for our monthly Beneficial Bites educational sessions and gather some healthy recipes (not wine) that include grapes.  You’ll get to taste a few of them as well!  These presentations are open to all ages and are free to attend. Times, locations and dates can be found in the Barron County Review Newspaper, by calling the ADRC at 715-537-6225, or by visiting their website at

Beneficial Bites

Joe will once again entertain with his knowledge of Grapes on Wednesday, September 25th @ 1pm

Beneficial Bites - Grapes

Plan to attend for samples, recipes and a few laughs.