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Mission Statement

Typically we offer a wide range of activities and programs.


We are moving into the second month of 2021 and not much has changed so far.  We are all hopeful for the vaccine and the lifting of restrictions.  We are desperate to reopen the center and bring everyone back in together.  We need to be patient and open slowly and safely.  Tax help and Rosemaling will be resuming in February and hopefully other classes soon after.  Small rentals will also be available.

As for the nutrition program, I have no information on when it will be safe to gather inside the center for meals.  The Center is looking into offering the Community Breakfast again in March or April as a take out.  Remember we do still offer the Grab and Go Monday through Friday. I wish I had better news to share but we are still waiting for mass vaccinations and for Covid 19 to give up its grip on the country.

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